Born in Liberia 1949, our Co-founder & Overseer P. Claudius Deah was called at a young age. His orphaned father was adopted by a Canadian–American missionary couple; therefore, he was born and raised in a Christian-minded environment. Given his devotion, the Lord called him to work for Him (God), something young Deah ignored. His reason as a young man was that Christians were suffering people indicative of his evangelist father lifestyle.

After years of disobedience, our Overseer finally agreed to work for the Lord during a 1968 crusade in Liberia, where he bowed and said, “Yes Lord, I will preach your gospel”. Following his acceptance, he encountered intense spiritual battles in the form of sickness, frightening visions, and even got sick to the point of near death experiences His father and other believers spent hours in prayers and fasting, seeking God’s intervention for our founder. God being God touched him with His healing hands and partial healing occurred. However, in 1976 the Lord did what is regarded as spiritual surgical operation on our founder in his dream which set him totally free.

In preparation to start the Lord’s work, our Overseer enrolled at a Bible College in 1987. While at the Bible College, he asked the Lord for a God fearing woman. In his endeavor, God pointed to Ruth, who he married 1988. They both attended the Bible College and graduated 1990. After their graduation, Ruth shared the vision and after their graduation from the Bible College, Claudius with Ruth continues with their local Church leading a cell group. Realizing that our Overseer has God’s gift, the local Church pastor, provided an opportunity for him and his wife to help establish a new cell group. In the mist of the 1990 Liberian civil war, which started December 1989, rapid growth took place in the new cell group. Late 1990, the Lord spoke to Claudius and Ruth respectively about the work he wants them to do. Early 2001 Claudius and Ruth were certified by their pastor to go and start their own new Ministry. Therefore the concept to start a new church was born, leading to the formation of a now known Mission Bethel Ministries International.

The couple is blessed with seven kids, five sons and two daughters.