Dear Partners,
We are very grateful for your desire to stand with us. Your generous contributions over the years have encouraged us tremendously. We have served as your hands extended, making you a vital part of this ministry. We could not have done this much without your care and support. God will reward you richly.
I would like to apologize for not updating you on what has been happening in the ministry for the past few years. It was due to some circumstances beyond our control. You will be regularly informed henceforth. As you read on you will see that God is working among His people in Liberia and beyond.


When I was seven years old, I sat under the bright moonlight by a palm tree feeling sorry for myself and my family of 10. Looking up to heaven, I said “Lord, if this is the life of a Christian, I will never preach your Word.” My father was a pastor and a church planter in The Republic of Liberia from the forties through the seventies.
During this time, I don’t remember ever having enough to eat. We lived on roots and palm butter. At times my father was blessed with some other food and when we saw him coming home with a few cups of rice (our staple food), we would rejoice as if we had the whole world. I refused the call of God to go into the ministry for fear of being as poor as my father.
In 1968 Evangelist Morris Cerullo came to Liberia on a mighty crusade with the theme of “Christ is the Answer.” I saw creative miracles for the first time. Because of what I saw, I looked up towards heaven again and shouted, “Lord, I will preach your word.”
But I had no peace. So, I promised the Lord that I would preach only if I had a good job and then the funds I earned would be used to build a church. I could then leave work to pastor the church. I was happy that I had now fully answered the call. So I immediately enrolled at a vocational training school in 1970 studying General Electricity. I graduated in December 1972 and took a job. I soon forgot about my promise to God and started enjoying the money.
Then I got so sick; the best hospital in Liberia could not diagnose my problem. My specimens were sent to West Germany but even doctors there could not determine what was wrong. Each time I went to work I got sick. When I left work and came home I was fine. The doctors said that I was playing tricks. I told the Lord that if He would heal me I would go to the Bible School at Carver Mission in Monrovia and then go on preaching. When He healed me I was laid off from my job with severance pay. I then took another job with an insurance company. Someone told a lie on me and I was put in jail. I prayed again. “God, if you cause them to release me from jail, I will go straight to Bible school.” The next day I was released from prison. After my release, instead of going to Bible school I started a business to make money to build a church.
I was again locked up and spent my wedding day in jail. I prayed that same “go to Bible school” prayer again, if God got me out of jail and I could get married. God did it again and allowed me to get married. I asked God to promise me again that I would not have a ministry that would lack funds and I would then answer the call. The Lord confirmed that to me in many ways so I enrolled in Bible school along with my wife. We had no money to pay the fees. Somehow, each quarter when we approached the cashier to plead for mercy and request time to pay, the cashier would hand us paid receipts. It was a miracle. We graduated without ever paying any tuition and started this ministry based on the promises of God.
Last year I began seeking the Lord concerning the struggles that I was going through with the ministry. “Please tell me if I was really called to this ministry, ” and did He did really tell me that my ministry would be supported more than my father’s. The Lord clearly told me, “Yes.” He said, “The funds you need for the work will come from the land or soil where you have been harvesting souls for the kingdom.” This meant through agriculture projects. Since I heard this word from the Lord, I have been moving in the direction of agriculture farming. Some friends in the U.S. saw the value of this venture and sponsored us to attend the Farming God’s Way Agriculture training institute in Harare Zimbabwe. This is a two-week training program which we completed and are now certified to do this type of agriculture venture.