The Mission Bethel Mininistry seed started when our co-founder P. Claudius Deah, Sr. was called by Christ Jesus to work for Him at his young age. Even though he wasn’t inspired, in 1969, he finally accepted to do the Lord’s work.
During the heat of the Liberian civil crisis in 1990, he and his family flee Monrovia, the capitol of Liberia to Gbarnga, one of the fifteen political sub-divisions of Liberia. While seeking refuge in the region, our founders took over a local Church that was abandoned by a former Muslim who converted into Christianity and became a pastor. The pastor flee owing to fear of been killed as rebel groups were killing Muslims during the civil crisis. Our founders took over the Church and started a number of programs that recruited a large congregation including some rebel fighters. With the help of our founders, a clearance was obtained for the return of the former Muslim who came and took over his Church. Following his return, our founder relocated in Ganta, Nimba County where they trained new pastors and established ten Churches in two years.

Through September 1994, the civil crisis became cruel that our founders decided to also flee the country since some Muslim rebels over-ran Gbarnga and killed a large number of Christians. But the challenge to flee was that many people that survived the Muslim rebels killing of Christians fled to our founders occupying their four bed rooms’ house hosting three hundred and seventy-five (375) people, most of whom were wounded and ill.

Within three days, food and medicine had finished, hence, our founders decided to seek refuge in neighboring Guinea with the group. However, there was opposition from the NPFL rebel fighters in Ganta fearing that it would be an embracement for them for Muslims Guinea to know that the Muslim rebel fighter had upper hand causing mass exodus. Besides, the Guinea border guards were also preventing mass exodus in their Country, thus, they were not giving refugees permission to enter Guinea. As people were seriously ill in the group, our founders realized that going to Guinea was the only decision and route. With Our God being God, coupled with prayers, the group travelled eight hour to Guinea successfully.

During these testing periods, the concept to establish a new church was born. Therefore upon arrival in Guinea, our founders started a Bible school and planted 23 Bethel World Outreach Churches in Guinea in four years. In 2000 the aspiration to establish a new Ministry was becoming heavier on our founders mind that they communicated with the Bishop the Bethel World Outreach. After a period, the Bishop agreed and gave them the go ahead, which led to the birth of Mission Bethel Ministries International. Today, MBMI has six branches in six West African Countries including Liberia.