Vision:  Winning souls for Christ, building Bible believing churches, transforming people in communities into Kingdom Citizens around the world and equipping them to rescue the lost and hurting, beginning in our local communities.

Mission:  Because of the number of unsaved persons on the face of the earth, Christ has delayed his coming: “You! Go back and make disciples”.

Target Areas:  Starting from West Africa to the rest of the world. Mainly countries in the 10/40 window (St. John 10:16)

The purpose of the Church shall be:

– To seek and save the lost, making disciples of all nations.
– To be a disciple-training center where Christians can be grounded in the Word of God and become disciplined and committed followers of Christ.
– To be a worship center where love is demonstrated in word and deed and where people experience genuine care and compassion for one another.
– To be a world outreach ministry directly involved in taking the Gospel to the four corners of the earth by contributing human, material, and financial resources to accomplish this end.

Vision for the Future

1. We are praying to complete the balcony of the Central Church, which will also house our headquarters in Monrovia. We have raised $2,000 towards the needed $15,000.
2. We need a 4WD van or Jeep to help transport teachers and materials to improve the Manpower Training through the Bible School on Wheels, and for workshops and seminars. This vehicle will cost about $10,000.
3. Angel Care is an evangelism arm of the ministry’s Mission Relief Services, Inc. which trains native women in pregnancy care (taking care of newborn babies, teaching mothers how to feed their babies, providing used clothing for babies and mothers, taking care of orphanage kids, etc.)

As you can see, we have achieved much with your partnership. However, there are still many who have not heard the gospel. They have not experienced the demonstration of the power of this Gospel, either. As we continue as partners, many people will be blessed and their needs will be met by the grace of God.

Thank you for investing your time, resources and prayers through us over the years. Our desire is to live lives worthy of hearing the Lord say, Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

Picture- Angel Care-trains native women to care for newborn babies and orphan children, among other things.